Disputes in Business Relationships
In today's modern society, "business" relationships are everywhere. Some of those relationships are "business-to-business" (for example, a manufacturing business sells its products to a retail business). Other relationships are "individual-to-business" (for example, an executive is employed by a business). Disputes often arise in these relationships and either a business or an individual needs the services of a lawyer to help resolve the dispute.

Representative Types of Business Litigation
"Business litigation" is also known as "commercial litigation." These are broad terms and encompass many types of disputes including:
      • Contract disputes
      • Employment disputes
      • Business owner disputes, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships,  and joint ventures
      • Business torts, including fraud and misappropriation
      • Unfair competition, including misappropriation of trades secrets and confidential information
      • Breach of fiduciary duties
      • Interference with contractual and business relationships
      • Collections
      • Non-competition agreements
      • Real estate disputes
      • Construction disputes
      • Lease disputes

We Are Experienced Business Litigation Lawyers
Neither a business nor an individual wants to be involved in a business dispute. But sometimes business disputes occur and, when they do, an experienced business litigation lawyer can make the difference in a successful outcome.
Keith Noel has been handling a wide variety of business litigation matters in Kentucky and Ohio for more than 25 years. He has represented both businesses and individuals.
In July 2012, Keith obtained a jury verdict of $2M in Boone County (Kentucky) Circuit Court in favor of his client in a business dispute.
Contact Keith at or (859) 916-5882) to discuss your business dispute.


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