Commercial Lending Attorneys

Every type of commercial loan is unique, with potential pitfalls even when the borrower is financially sound and the loan transaction looks secured.  The lawyers at Sutton Law can provide legal advice for commercial lending, starting with the due diligence process, the loan commitment letters and loan documents to defaults and loan disputes.


Business Loan Attorneys Representing Banks, Savings & Loans and Lending Institutions

Our banking and finance law practice provides legal representation relating to underwriting and documenting both secured and unsecured commercial loans:


  • Due diligence
  • Loan documentation and terms of credit facilities
  • Preparation of mortgages, security instruments or guarantee agreements
  • Title exams/searches and opinions and title insurance policies
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
  • Commercial loan breaches, defaults, disputes and litigation


The law firm enables banks, lenders and other lending institutions to fully document and close all types of commercial loans while protecting the lender’s interest.

Commercial Loan Litigation

The law firm has extensive experience in dispute resolution and litigation in asset-based and real estate-based lending:


  • Perfecting liens, obtaining judgments and foreclosure
  • Representing lenders in counterclaims designed to forestall foreclosure proceedings 
  • Defending business and banks against tax liens and other claims against the security interest brought by the borrower’s employees, vendors, contractors, landlord or other third parties
  • Commercial loan workouts and amendments

If you wish to talk with one of our attorneys call Sutton Law at  859-578-6600 or contact us online to discuss your legal matter and learn about your options.

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