Family Law & Divorce

For many people, divorce is the most difficult time in their lives. Placing your divorce in the hands of a skilled, caring divorce lawyer is a wise decision. How family relationships will move forward in years to come often depend on how the divorce is handled. While no divorce is ever easy, there are divorces which involve less conflict than others.

Understanding the divorce process, what to expect and your responsibilities under the law helps to eliminate confusion that adds to the already stressful situation of divorcing. At Sutton Law & Associates, we answer all your questions, thoroughly explain the legal process and available options.

Grounds for divorce in Kentucky are irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and the couple must have lived apart for at least 60 days. Our family lawyer will explain how divorce in Kentucky works and provide you with other important information so you can make informed decisions regarding your divorce.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your marital situation, please call our office at (859) 916-5882.

Family Law Services

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