Kentucky No Fault Insurance

You often hear that Kentucky is a "no fault" state concerning automobile accidents.  There is a preconceived notion that even if you are not the responsible party for an automobile accident you cannot collect for your injuries and damages because there is "no fault" assigned.  This is NOT the case as long as you and your injuries meet certain thresholds.


Insurance on all motor vehicles in the state of Kentucky must include no-fault coverage or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage (PIP coverage is not a requirement but an option for motorcycle coverage).  This is to protect and provide for you, the insured party or a passenger in your vehicle.  If you are involved in an automobile accident, your own insurance company will pay you for medical expenses, lost wages, and similar "out-of-pocket" costs regardless of who is at fault for the accident.  Basic PIP benefits pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses, lost wages up to $200 per week, replacement services and survivor's benefits.  If you are a passenger in an uninsured vehicle and there is no other insurance options available to you, a claim for basic PIP benefits can be made to the Kentucky Assigned Claims Plan.      


In Kentucky, in exchange for eligibility to receive basic PIP benefits, you are deemed by Kentucky law to accept certain limitations for recovery.  An injury claim or lawsuit for damages, including pain and suffering, cannot be brought by you or against you unless the injured person has incurred medical expenses greater than $1,000, a broken bone, permanent injury or death.  These are the thresholds that must be met prior to a suit being filed.  With today's rising costs of medical treatment, however, meeting these thresholds are often not an issue. 

 If you have any questions concerning Kentucky's No-Fault Insurance coverage or your eligibility to collect for injuries sustained in an accident, call the Attorneys at Sutton Law & Associates




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