Planning and Zoning


Land Use, Zoning and Planning Law in Kentucky


The laws and statues that regulate how land can be used, and what structures can be built on land in Northern Kentucky are confusing.  Zoning laws in Northern Kentucky include comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, zone change procedures, development plans, board of adjustments and non-conforming uses.

Cities and counties will typically divide the city or county into sections, called “zones,” each of which is designated for a specific use, such as residential homes, commercial businesses, agriculture, and manufacturing.  This process is known as “zoning.”  The comprehensive plan is the keystone of the planning and zoning process in Kentucky.

The purpose of zoning is to preserve property values, and make cities and counties planned and hopefully more orderly.

While zoning laws appear to be geared just toward protecting residents, they also protect industry, by ensuring that they are free to conduct their business without getting caught up in the numerous legal disputes that would be inevitable if they were closer to a residential area.


Violation of Zoning Laws

Zoning laws are often extensive and detailed and your property in Northern Kentucky might have a zoning violation.  If this happens to you, you have rights and the violation can be resolved.


Northern Kentucky Planning and Zoning Issues and Procedures

  • Zoning Ordinance
  • Zone Change Procedure
  • Development Plans
  • Subdivision Regulations and Use
  • Subdivision Regulations and Use
  • Subdivision Restrictions
  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation
  • Historic Preservation
  • Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes










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